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Basic Training Course: Trust Officer
Trust Officers hebben een grote verantwoordelijkheid. De totale klantbehandeling vereist juridische en Trust Officers have a huge responsibility. Complete and accurate client processing requires a high level of legal and tax expertise and an in-depth knowledge of accounting. Rarely is this knowledge found in just one person. Moreover, Trust Officers are expected to know the issues surrounding risk and compliance, ethical, behaviour & culture.

No wonder education for all disciplines is a must. These programmes give professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of their own discipline, and to develop at sound knowledge of other disciplines.

Accredited training

1. Trust Officer PE Programme
This course, which is provided by Holland Quaestor in association with Law@Work B.V. and the University of Maastricht (Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies), explores in depth various topics and increases your understanding of day-to-day tasks and client communication.

The course looks at current events and developments that affect the trust sector.
Six main topics, divided into twenty modules/sessions of four hours each, examine the requirements that an authorised Trust Officer must satisfy as well as the communication protocols between different disciplines. Each session requires an average of three hours’ preparation time.

You should have a Higher Vocational Training (HBO) qualification, been working for at least three years in the trust sector and have or will soon have the authority of an authorised representative.

For each main topic you must take an exam. The last exam of the course is an oral exam (on a Saturday in Maastricht). You will receive a diploma if your grades are sufficient.

Course structure:
1. Supervision, integrity and ethics (3 sessions)
2. Accounting (3 sessions)
3. Taxation (4 sessions)
4. Corporate law (4 sessions)
5. Contract law (2 sessions)
6. Soft skills (2 sessions)
7. Case studies (2 sessions)

Each course requires a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 participants.

After completing the entire programme, HollandQuaestor will award you 80 PE points.
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2. Master Trust Officer PE Programme
Holland Quaestor has accredited this course, which is provided by Licent Academy. After completing the entire programme, HollandQuaestor will award you 32 PE points. Click here for more information (this is accredited up to 1 September 2018)