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Up to now there are 250 companies that have serious plans to settle in the Netherlands because of the Brexit. These include companies in the health sector, the financial sector, logistics and fashion. Members of Holland Quaestor make a contribution to this.

That says spokesman Michiel Bakhuizen of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) against RTL Z. 

The NFIA helps companies that want to establish themselves in the Netherlands or expand activities here. It provides advice on where to go with questions about taxes, legal rules and, for example, business locations. In 2017, it helped establish 224 companies from around the world, in our country. Good for over 12,500 jobs and 1.2 billion in investment. Some of the members of Holland Quaestor contributed to this.

Uncertainty companies

In 2017, 18 UK companies still settled in the Netherlands because of Brexit. This may be considerably higher this year. Bakhuizen says that not all 250 companies with whom talks are now being held will actually settle here. “The Netherlands does a competitive battle with other countries.”

Companies and institutions that have already announced their move to the Netherlands include the European headquarters of Sony, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Panasonic. 

The Netherlands is certainly not the only suburb for companies based in the UK. Other EU countries are also receiving a lot of companies. 

The uncertainty surrounding the whole process is great and the probability of a hard Brexit exists. “Companies are afraid that licences will then lapse, attracting talent becomes difficult and then there are great concerns about the whole logistics,” says Bakhuizen. 

Hard Brexit = Chaos

If it were to arrive at a hard Brexit, the British would step out of the internal market and the customs union and make EU law a place for the international frameworks of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). In short, this is about chaos, a lot of paperwork and higher costs. 

Bakhuizen emphasises that the company’s move plans are ‘ not a frivolous decision ‘. “Find out everything you don’t do for a joke.” It takes a lot of time and transferring a business from one country to another takes a lot of time, i.e. months.

He does not think that the choice of companies falls on the Netherlands. “The Netherlands has an attractive business environment. We have Schiphol, the port in Rotterdam and good collaborations between companies and universities. ” and says Holland Quaestor a professional and reliable financial and tax system.