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Due to Brexit, the number of companies that ventured across from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands almost doubled. Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, 140 companies have indicated to come over. Until last year, a total amount of 62 companies had crossed the pond. In total, 78 companies have established here, said the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

These are mainly companies in professional services, such as fintech, IT and media and advertising. In total, all companies will add 4,200 new jobs and invest EUR 375 mln in the next three years. This falls short of last year’s entire harvest. This consisted of more than 400 companies and provided 14,000 jobs and 4.3 billion in investments.

Since 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. During the transition phase until the end of 2020, European regulation still applies. According to NFIA, it remains to be seen whether closing a new trade agreement is sufficient for this period. NFIA is in contact with 425 companies that are considering moving or opening an extra office in the Netherlands due to Brexit.

Not only British, but also American and Asian companies intend to continue doing business in the EU, regardless of the outcome of negotiations on a trade deal.