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Strictly confidential and only limited to the use by the requesting trust office.

The enquiry relates to (possible) integrity risks arising after 1/1/2019.

WTT 2018 Art 1(1) integrity risk

  1. risk of inadequate compliance with the provisions laid down by or pursuant to any statutory regulation;
  2. risk of the trust office or its staff members being involved in acts which are incompatible in such a way with what is appropriate in social and economic life under unwritten law, that confidence in the trust office or in the financial markets may be damaged.


  • Prior to providing its services, the trust office, pursuant to Section 68 of the Wtt 2018, is obliged to examine whether another trust office is providing or has provided services to the client or the client company. This relates to the integrity risks as per 1 January 2019 to date.
  • The trust office remains cautious of the fact that the other trust office is not informed of the fact that a report to the FIU has been made or is being considered (tipping-off prohibition).
  • A trust office shall examine whether another trust office provides or has provided services to the client or the client company. Therefore, in case a trust office is aware that another company of a client in the same structure is serviced by another trust office an enquiry related to exchange of information is to be made. See Section 68, subsection 1 and 2 Wtt 2018.,
  • When the client has been serviced by multiple trust offices in a short preceding period of time, additional trust offices can be contacted.