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Master's trajectory Professional Training Trust Officer

Trust Officers have a big responsibility. The total customer handling requires legal and fiscal expertise and knowledge of accounting. Often this knowledge is not united in a person. In addition, Trust Officers also expects knowledge about risk and compliance, ethical issues and behavior & culture.

That is why a course where all disciplines are discussed is a must. The program offers the possibility to look for depth in your own discipline, and to develop the other disciplines at a solid level.

Accredited degree programs:

1. Training Trust Officer Holland Quaestor in collaboration with Law @ Work B.V. and the University of Maastricht (Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies)

Together with your fellow students you will work in this training to better explore the different themes and to increase your insight in relation to daily practice and mutual communication with regard to the customer. The course responds to current events and developments affecting the Trust sector.

Six main themes accommodated in twenty modules of four hours each deal with the requirements that an authorized Trust Officer must meet, but also with which communication this leads between the various disciplines. Take into account an average of 3 hours preparation time per study meeting.

You have an HBO degree and you have been working in the trust sector for at least three years and you will soon have the power of attorney.

You take an exam for each main theme. The final test of the program is an oral exam (on Saturday in Maastricht). With sufficient results you can receive your diploma.

1. Contract law (2 half-days)
2. Soft Skills (2 half-days)
3. Supervision and Ethics (3 half-days)
4. Accounting (3 half-days)
5. Fiscal (4 half-days)
6. Corporate law (4 half-days)
7. Practical case study (2 half-days)

–  Mr. C.R. Christiaans
–  Mr. drs. M.G.J. ter Huurn
–  A. Sonneville RA
–  E.H. Horlings RA
–  Mr. P. Kraan
–  Mr. dr. R.A. Wolf
–  Prof. dr. M. Olaerts
–  Mr. M. Lok
–  Mr. dr. J.a. van der Weide
–  Mr. I. van Munster

Number of participants is a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 people.

After following the entire process, Holland Quaestor assigns 80 PE points.

For the registration form and more substantive information:
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2. Master Trust Officer PE programme
Holland Quaestor has accredited this course, whitch is provided by Licent Academy. After completing the entire programme, Holland Quaestor will award you 32 PE-points.

Click here for more information (this is accredited up to 1 September 2018).

3. Basic programme Trust Officer (1 & 2)
This information will follow a.s.a.p.