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“It is good that DNB sees progress in the trust sector. According to the ‘Outlook 2018’, DNB is keen to continue its dialogue with the sector and Holland Quaestor is happy to continue the dialogue with DNB on behalf of its members. The fact that DNB writes “professional association Holland Quaestor indicates that it is working on a fundamental improvement of its quality mark, which DNB would welcome.” is regarded as a compliment and an incentive to continue the policy pursued by us.”

In the ‘Outlook 2018’, DNB writes “Legislation and supervision are not enough, the trust sector will have to take action itself, both individually and collectively, to maintain its future in The Netherlands.” Holland Quaestor sees this as an encouragement to accelerate on the path of quality improvement that has been laid out. In addition, Holland Quaestor considers the supervision by DNB to be of great importance.

”Good that DNB sees progress. Stichting Aqto is working on the further tightening of the requirements of the quality mark and will soon present this outcome. Holland Quaestor is looking forward to it.”

Holland Quaestor hopes that both the government and the Dutch Parliament will soon come up with a new WTT. Holland Quaestor is already anticipating this, with its own directives, among others.